What is NerdyCMS?

NerdyCMS is a premium monetization platform for creators which allows you to access your customer data on your own website.

NerdyCMS is free to use. There is no fee for installing and using the software.

Absolutely! We do not limit you on where you can link out and/or in. It's totally up to you.

Yes! you can intergrate a print on demand server or any shopping chart service.

Is NerdyCMS easy to install?

Short answer...YES. By using the installer on NerdyCMS.com you can but in your server details and the install will automatically set up the website for you.

For best results you need atleast a server with 2CPU and 50GB of space. Please use the latest PHP version.

We recommend you do not use a shared hosting provide. Please use a VPS. Be prepared to upgrade your server over time.

Please reach out to our support team using our contact form. We do offer professional installation for a small fee.

How do I get payment processing set up?

Please visit Aquete.com and fill out their sign up form. Provide your website address and your information. Once you sign their agreement, add their API Key and Embed Token in the admin section for bill in the site.

There are multiple ways to monetize. You can sale subscriptions, PPV (Pay Per View) or users can tip.

You will be paid through Aquete.

We do not allow any other payment processor at this time. To add in another payment processor violates our user agreement.

I'm a porn performer can I use your script?

Absolutely! We allow all content creators to use our script. Please make sure you follow all US laws and regulations.

You are not required to, but it's highly recommended that you use a service.

Yes! Please use your domain. The site is your domain and your brand.

There are multiple options for marketing a website. Starting with social media. Next you could hire a out company to come in and market your site. NerdyCMS does offer a full service option, which takes a percentage of the revenue.